Doug Hayes Cabinet Maker | Cabinet Making
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Cabinet Making

Bespoke furniture – made in Gwynedd

  • Specialist in one-off bespoke items
  • Individually designed
  • All items handmade and made to measure
  • Free standing and fitted furniture
  • Matching existing details and mouldings
  • Furniture and cabinet making in proportion to room size
  • Close attention to detail
  • Period and contemporary furniture
  • Hand woodcarvings
  • A choice of finishes

Are you looking for a quality cabinets?

Are you looking for a quality of cabinet that simply cannot be found in the mass-market? D Hayes Cabinet Maker & Carpenter provides tailor-made, measured-to-fit cabinets of all sizes to suit your property. Whether you need a free-standing cabinet or wish to have it fitted, I will ensure it is of the utmost quality and style.

Need a new door or window fitted?

In addition to fitting personalised cabinets, D Hayes Cabinet Maker & Carpenter also provides expert door and window installations and designs. For more information regarding these services, click here. Alternatively, feel free to get in touch and call today.

For tailor-made, personalised cabinets made in Gwynedd, call:
07946 533 974